Latest releases 25/12/2007


Tension measurement without touching with Digiforce.


Digiforce is a newly launched portable instrument designed and built by Applied Measurements and TMS Systems which uses a completely different measuring technique to monitor tension in wires, strands, cables or rods, without making contact.

New high temperature load cell compensation technique from Novatech

-50C to +250C Passive Compensation now available on most Load Cells from Novatech Measurements.

DeviceNet Weighing Solution brings significant benefits for Marley Building Products


To meet the growing demands from industry for ever more flexible process control solutions, leading UK weighing specialists, Procon Engineering have developed a powerful Intelligent Weigh Transmitter with DeviceNet communications

A new era in Weighbridge technology.


Weightron Bilanciai presents the EuroDeck SBP/M: Delivering all that you would expect from Europe's largest Weighbridge manufacturer.

The "Wavecheetah" Electronic On Board Weighing System from Nesco Weighing uses digital technology to compensate for gravity changes due ship movement

Compact weighing system uses telemetry links.

The latest weighing system from Applied Measurements uses a telemetry link between the load cell and portable digital display instrument, thereby eliminating problems associated with long interconnecting cables.

Bilanciai secure weighty contract

Weightron Bilanciai were happy to bridge the gap when Anglian Water needed to know how much to charge firms for their industrial waste disposal.

The newly improved fork-lift weighing system (PTE model) is now as accurate as a static platform scale

AVT 's new retrofit weighing system can be fitted to steel and concrete silos











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