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As the name suggests, the goods or products are stationary when they are being weighed on these scales and usually there is more than sufficient time for the measurement process to stabilize before readings are taken.(Compare with dynamic weighing)

Modern electronic equipment usually incorporate a stand alone sensing function to ensure that the weight reading is within acceptable tolerances before displaying a stable weight.

Generic types of static weighing machines and equipment include;

Shop scales

Postal scales

Bench scales

Laboratory scales and balances

Medical scales

Counting scales

Floor scales

Weighbridges (Truck scales)

Vehicle weighing

Aircraft weighing

Crane scales

Tank and Silo weighing

Pallet truck scales

Forklift truck scales

The main principles of operation are:

Static weighing machines or non automatic weighing machines (NAWI) fall into two main categories:

Approved, legal for trade scales
Non legal for trade.

In Europe, classification as to whether scales for a particular application need to be approved or not ,is laid down in the European Directive 90/384/EEC.

In the US, requirements for legal for trade scales are laid down in Handbook 44

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